My plans for 2018: I’m out.

My plans for 2018: I’m out.

I’m out. Or rather: We are!

Last July, my girlfriend Natalie and I were hiking in the Forno Valley in Switzerland (beautiful glacier there by the way – unfortunately shrinking quickly). Natalie and I were talking about our jobs, our lives in general and a dream we shared for quite some time: The dream to just travel and explore the world for a few months. Until that day, this dream was just a vague idea.

But during that summer night in this remote hut on 2’574 meters above sea level we decided to just do it. Maybe it was the long hike, the altitude or just that feeling of independence whenever we are the mountains. But we finally decided to just quit our jobs and to start planning our journey around the blue planet. And we did not regret this decision ever since.

Currently, we are in the middle of planning this adventure. Now I could tell you where we plan to go, what we want to see and when we will be back home. But the only thing I want to give away right now is that we work until the end of April and will start travelling in May. And yes, there will be some way to follow us on the internet, so stay tuned.

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