Welcome to mirkography

Welcome to mirkography

Dear reader, welcome to my new website.

Creating a new personal website is a biyearly process for me. I guess, I just like a little change now and then. But this year, it’s a complete makeover. So what’s new?

  • A BRAND. Instead of calling my website “Mirko Reichlin Photography” (or something similar) I created my own brand: mirkography. It is also my public social media handle (Instagram, Facebook)
  • A LOGO. With a new brand comes a new logo. I love landscape photography and mountains in general. So I designed the logo around this simple topic. But most importantly I tried to avoid to use a camera icon, like 95% of all photographers do.
  • CURRENT WORK. Beside the portfolios for portrait and landscape photography I will show my current work on the front page as well as under “current work”. I’m still working on this section and will publish pictures of my work in the upcoming weeks.
  • A BLOG. I will write about my work, my adventures and my thoughts about photography. Maybe I will slip in some gear advice too. Basically I will do and write here as I like.
  • A NEWSLETTER. You can subscribe below soon and you will receive some news about my work from time to time.
  • A SHOP. Do you like my work? You can do three things to support me: Buy a print, hire me as a photographer or recommend me and share my work. If you like to hire me or buy a print, you can use the contact form. Additionally, prints can be bought in my shop soon.

Do you have an opinion about my new website? I would love to hear it. Write, comment or talk to me about what you like, dislike or the things you would like to see on my website.

Next post: A 2017 photography recap.

Thank you all for your support and happy holidays.

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